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by Dr. Roy Klotz, USA  
by Jacco Hoekstra, NL  
   by  Herman Hallo, NL  
by Sander Elie, NL  
by Nick diFonzo, USA  
by Jean-Emmanuel Chevry, F   
by Timothy O'Connor, USA   
by  Jeroen Coninx, B   
by Olav Arne Brekke, N   
by Drew Steitz, USA  
by Neil Parker, Europlate GB  
by Michael Kustermann, USA   
by Mike Sells, USA   
by Indrek Raidlo, EST   


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         In addition to the Francoplaque and Europlate original archives,
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   Other worldwide plate spotter links :                             Other worldwide license plate collection links :
 Victor Sastre, World Plates, E
 Matriculasdelmundo.com, by Carlos, E
 Mondiaplaques, by Hadrien Bourgué, F
 http://licenceplatespics.wifeo.com/ by Raphael, F
 Plates pictures in Europe by Peter Rottensteiner, A
   Ace of Plates, by Marco Steinbach, D
 Andy Lachs collection, A
 Ulrik de Neve plates collection, B
 The Bolt Hole, by Nick diFonzo, USA
 Mark Goodwin's collection, USA
 15q.net by David Nicholson, USA  
Janko Kästner's collection, A
Plate Planet, by Hans Stedehouder, NL
The License Plate Shack, by Marc Welby, USA

Schoffs Plate Collection, by Stephen Cioffi, USA
Global License Plates by Jack Chen, USA
Florida and more, by Pierre Sean, USA
Plates Collection, by Jean-Daniel Muller, CH
and...Fakes & sample plates, by Cedric or Drew

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